If you don’t appreciate Sarah Paulsons faces I don’t appreciate yours.


The Twilight Saga titles and Elizabeth Reaser at the #twilightmarathon #twilightforever #teamesme #elizabethreaser


Run, Lana, run!

 I remember yelling she’s free!!!

I’m clearly insane. 



[Best brotp]:

"The weirdest scene I had to film was with my great friend Sarah Paulson. I was doing this aversion therapy …" he said, laughing along with host Andy Cohen and fellow guest Alyson Hannigan. "It was really weird because we’ve been friends for a long time.”

The weirdest up until you got your great friend pregnant lol

My Shiper and fuck you

My best friends are dead bodies

Não tenho medo dos mortos, tenho medo dos vivos.
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